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It all began one day when a little girl called Grace dreamed of her Wedding...

She would love to dress up in her mum’s wedding dress and host tea parties for her dolls and teddy bears. It was from here that her passion for parties and weddings grew and began to develop. As she started to get older, she would collect magazine snippets of pictures that would suit her wedding day – she was being organised and proactive for the big day (a trait that has only become better over time)!

Her love for parties and “pretty things” was slowly pushed to the side as she entered the final years of high school. From here, she was able to enroll into University where she studied a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing. Just after completing her degree however, the big day had arrived! She had met the man she had been waiting for all her life and she knew that this was it.

It was if their bond was made in heaven! The beautiful couple married adorned in the love of family and friends. Their wedding day was everything that Grace had dreamed of as a little girl – that’s exactly how she planned and styled it herself.

After settling in to her new role as a Wife and also as a University Graduate, the next step in life was to begin her career. Here, her feet landed within the printing industry where worked and created some major marketing and in-store promotions for high profile clients such as Nestle, Commonwealth Bank and Olay! She loved her job and loved the people she worked with! Deep within her heart though her passion still remained with parties – for she was known amongst her friends and family as the party planner! She had it all under control and to watch the smiles on everyone’s face on the day was complete satisfaction for her. One day, it was as if she was struck by lightning! She decided to leave her well established job, and start fresh! Follow her dreams! It was from this point that GD Events was born!

With making sure that every detail of the big day suits your own dreams and expectations, Grace’s passion, commitment and efforts are now focussed on bringing a smile to your face at the event, and creating memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Our Mission

As our world revolves and changes, people are becoming more and more time poor. The need for social interaction and celebration is often becoming a chore. Let’s face it – our lives can get so busy that we just don’t have time to organise or participate in the things that are important to us or that make us happy! What is sad though is that we lose the opportunity to create meaningful memories and to give time to our loved one.

GD Events services are most suited to the time poor – those who work and/or have busy schedules with family. We are a well-structured business that has the intent to grow within the marketplace. Our key service is that we are able to take on the task of organising your big day and making sure all the minor details are at a perfect standard. People deserve to enjoy themselves and be happy and most importantly, we deserve to be able to celebrate the key milestones in our lives! Most of these will only happen once and it’s the chance for us to make cherished memories. GD Events’ focus is to basically put a smile on your face! We do this by taking on the stress in organising and designing your big day. Basically, all you need to do is attend and party!

What makes us different to the others?

Its simple! We understand the pressures of day-to-day life! We understand that when you are so caught up in the cyclone called work and your professional life, along with our hectic family lives, that sometimes the pleasant moments in life are pushed to the side. In the end, you compromise and take short cuts on what is important to you. Unfortunately this is often seen when planning events. GD Events gives you the commitment that they will take on the responsibility of the entire event. Whether its your child's birthday party or an extravagant wedding - we are here to support you and look after all of your needs! With our contacts with numerous different suppliers, we can make ANYTHING possible!

Besides this, communication, trust and confidence in us is vital! Our aim is to make our relationship with you similar to that of a family member. GD Events wants to be there to share all of your special moments with you! From the lead up and the actual Wedding, to your child's milestone birthday - our passion is to see your smile and watch your family evolve!

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